One of the most googled phrases is “good food near me”. Whether you are a Denver native, or just visiting, everyone wants to know the best place to eat in the city. It can be difficult keeping up with all the restaurant openings, and it’s easy for a gem to go unnoticed. Luckily, Stella’s On 16th doesn’t have that problem, with its location right at the end of the 16th Street Mall and next to the illustrious Union Station, in the heart of downtown Denver. In an area rife with dining options, Stella’s On 16th has emerged as the best restaurant near Union Station.


Let’s start with the obvious–it’s summertime in Colorado and all anyone wants to do is find a sunny patio to sit on and have a few cold drinks. Stella’s On 16th has the largest patio in the city, with a 120 person space that measures a whopping 3,000 square feet. The patio is filled with comfortable lounge seating, pleasant string-cafe lighting and a fire pit. With a patio that large, Stella’s can accommodate even the largest of work parties–so don’t panic if you accidentally replied all to that happy hour invite.


While the patio is an undeniable lure, it’s the cuisine that sets Stella’s apart from the competition. Executive chef Tran, a native of Vietnam and former culinary director of Uncle Joe’s Hong Kong Bistro, is the leader of the kitchen. Chef Tran delivers exquisite foods for every palate, and every meal. Whether you’re looking for a Sunday brunch (bottomless cocktails anyone?), a happy hour snack, or a celebratory dinner, Stella’s delivers. Make sure you check out the latest menu iteration on their website.


While entire articles could be, and should be, written about Stella’s brunch and dinner menus, it is worth focusing on the often overlooked, lighter fare menu and cocktails. Stella’s takes their snacking very seriously and offers pastries that rival any bakery in town due to the talented MJ Szymanski’s creativity as pastry chef. Seriously, if you haven’t tried the passionfruit macarons, you need to let them into your life. If you want to channel your own Great British Bake Off, MJ even offers various kinds of baking classes at Stella’s!


When you first step into Stella’s you will be struck by the unique layout of the restaurant. You are greeted by a beautiful wall of market items, including: bagels from Rosenberg’s, breads from Hinman’s Bakery, beef from 7X Ranch, and sausage from Polidori. Stella’s acts as its own kind of local market, and has everything you need for a gift, or a treat for yourself!  As you pass the first market wall you will find yourself following a white-tile road that guides you through the space–a clear homage to the beloved Wizard of Oz’s yellow-brick road.


As you continue down Stella’s white-tile road, you’ll find yourself passing a fully stocked bar with helpful bartenders ready to make you an impressive craft cocktail, a pastry kitchen where you can see MJ work, and a full-sized kitchen for the rest of Stella’s fare. The space culminates in a corner with a massive triangle-shaped table that can easily seat 20 people. The table, is not just a symbol of the triangle-shaped building in which Stella’s is located, but also represents the community spirit that inhabits the restaurant. People are encourage to share the table and make new friends over a craft-cocktail, or three.


This brings us to Stella’s most endearing quality–the community that it is already beginning to foster in the Union Station neighborhood. Every Thursday during the summer of 2017, Stella’s On 16th is ablur with a crowd there to watch the free concert series that Stella’s hosts in the plaza beside the building. Whether you want VIP service on the patio, or want to dance the night away with a local beer, Stella’s, again, delivers.


Stella’s continues to innovate its services, making it one of the Denver spots to keep an eye on. From pre-fixe wine and food pairings to all-you-can-eat brunch specials, baking lessons and free concerts, there is always something fun and different to do at Stella’s On 16th! If you find yourself anywhere near Union Station in Denver, make a point to head to Stella’s. Just follow the white-tile road and sounds of happy diners, we’ll see you there.


Visit Stella’s On 16th
1550 Wewatta St, Denver, CO 80202; Near Denver’s Union Station


Fresh Gourmet Breakfast by Union Station at Stella's on 16th